814 Austin

History of 814 Austin

Unlike the North side of the Square, the buildings on the South side of the Square were built at separate times and some of them were created even later by sectioning off bigger buildings into smaller portions. A good example of this model is the current Quilt Shop and Your Shop (just down the street from this building); they were once one large building that was a local grocery store called Furr’s Foods. This location is currently still well known as the Infinity Connection building. It is a two story building and the second story is remembered by many people today to be the offices of Carl Ratliff. There was an outside stair entrance that led upstairs. There were also several windows on the sides of the second story. If you look closely you can see outlines where the windows were filled in. The ground level floor was Copeland Hardware. Later Script Office Supply made their home here. When Script Office Supply moved to their current location, Raynelle Nipper purchased the building and converted it into Infinity Connection. The store was a unique gift shop with a quaint area known as the Tea Room where locals could enjoy lunch items from a small menu. Infinity Connection has been closed for several years but the building is still under Mrs. Nipper’s ownership.

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Interview with Tina O'Conor

Tina is the daughter of Bob Buster. Bob owned Bob's Shoe Store downtown. Tina recalls memories of Copeland Hardware, one of the neighboring businesses of her daddy's store.

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